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Welcome Jays

Parent plan term 1 and 2

A forest through time: World War 1 and 2



Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please read through this parent plan and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me via email at Attached you will see an overview of our learning linked to our new topic for the autumn term.

We have an exciting and busy term ahead full of lots of exciting and interesting activities. This term we will be focusing on a variety of different texts and genres. Our class text this term will be War Horse by Michael Morpurgo, as well as this we will be delving into other texts to immerse ourselves in a range of high-quality texts.


Areas of learning not linked to the theme


Number: We are going to understand different aspects of Place Value. We are going to be reading a writing numbers up to 1 million, as well as recognising the place value of different digits in different size numbers. We will also be exploring new and different concepts like negative numbers and Roman Numerals up to and beyond 100.

Addition and Subtraction: We will be continuing to develop on our place value knowledge by being able to use formal written methods for addition and subtraction methods for increasingly larger numbers. We will be estimating and using the inverse of calculations to check our answers for our written methods.

Multiplication and Division: We will be having Maths Passport sessions up to 3 times a week where children will be practicing their multiplication and division. We will also be looking at new methods for multiplication and division.



This term the year 4s will be understanding how sound is created and how it travels

The year 5s will be understanding how there are forces all around us and how gravity works.


Our focus in PE for this term is large ball skills, where we will be practicing the skills needed to play team sports like football and basketball.



1) What does it mean if Christians believe God is holy and loving?

2) Why do Christians believe Jesus was the Messiah?



Extend conversational sentences to include questions and answers about where you live, weather conditions and family members.  Begin to write short sentences.


Many thanks,

Mr Bowkett

File icon: docx World War 1 and 2 Autumn Term 2021 1 [docx 1008KB] Click to download