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Maths Passports

More information about Maths Passports can be found on the Maths Passport section of the website. 

If your child is working towards specific times tables and division targets, the best online games to support their learning include TTRockstars and Hit the Button.  Another popular game that the children enjoy playing to practise their times table facts is Tommy’s Trek

Lost Island and Atlantis

Children working towards Lost Island and Atlantis can use the links in the online games below and 'Passport Control' questions to support their learning. 

File icon: pdf LOST ISLAND.pdf [pdf 125KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf ATLANTIS.pdf [pdf 137KB] Click to download
File icon: xlsx Lost Island passport control.xlsx [xlsx 12KB] Click to download
File icon: xlsx Atlantis passport control.xlsx [xlsx 13KB] Click to download

Completed all of the Maths Passports? 

If your child has completed all of the Maths Passports, an excellent online game they can play is Guardians of Mathematica.