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The elections have now taken place and the following appointments have been made:-

School Council

Chair                  Georgie Lewis

Vice Chairs        Daniel Brain and Sophie ArnoldLibby-Rose Hughes

Jays rep             Caitlin Rees and Jago Wilson

Magpies rep       Olivia Kear and Ruby Teague

Woodpeckers rep  Ella Louise Cooper and Mia Morris-Harvey

Owls Rep             Hollie Hale, Nell Pribelszki, Marley Jones and Rio Hale

Robins Rep         Bryher Bradley and Oliver Davies

Y5 Fundraising 

Chair                  Molly Barnaville

Vice Chairs        Caitlin Rees and Anastasia Roberts

Sports Council

Chair                  Eva Brain

Vice Chairs        Logan Hale and Marli England                                                     


Chair                   Ariana Moyce

Vice Chair          Matilda Bailey



Alesha Kijuu

Martha Day

Sam Eagles

Tilly Bailey