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The elections have now taken place and the following appointments have been made:-


Chair                     Mia Wilson

Deputy Chair        Libby-Rose Hughes

Sports                    Ebony Baldwin (Chair)

                              Carter Ede

                              Callum Bell

Eco                        Ariana Moyce (Chair)

                              Sophie Arnold

                              Mia Wilson

 Y5 Fundraising   Eva Brain (Chair)

                              Daniel Brain

                              Georgie Lewis

                              Martha Taylor

                              Waniya Mirza


Y6 Representative  Neyo Viveiros


Y4 Representative Molly Barnaville

                              Jake Lawrence

                              Charlie Arnold


Magpies/               Verity Bailey

Woodpeckers       Charlie Witham

                              Alisia Bailey

                              Skye Coborn

                              Eden Rawlings

                              Lola Davies

                              Travis Edwards

                              Max Bradley                       

Early Years           Ella Harris

                              Jensen Morton

                              Kai Joyce

                              Jasmine Jones