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Welcome to Owls September 2022

Information for parents 

Below are documents to support your child's transition into reception. Please refer to these documents in the first instance. If something is unclear please contact the school office via

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How can I prepare my child for reception?

Schools often talk about children being "School Ready," below are some ideas to support your child before September.

  • To help your child's transition take time to talk with your child, ensure they understand what has been said by asking questions and checking their understanding. 
  • Play games together such as snakes and ladders, snap, dominoes and any games which involves turn taking.
  • Encourage your child to look after their care needs with increasing independence over the summer. Go to the toilet, wipe themselves, and wash their hands. Ask your child to put on their own coat and shoes and encourage them to carry their belongings such as small bags. 
  • Arrange play-dates with children of the same age to help them practice playing with others and taking turns.
  • Help your child to begin to write their name or make letter shapes.
  • Read stories to your child every night, especially stories about starting school.
  • Support them to understand they cannot have their needs met instantly.
  • Talk about starting school positively

If you are worried about your child's toileting spend time over the summer working on this, it does take time and effort! Seek support from your child's health visitor they have lots of expertise. School staff will support children, but this is easier if the majority of children are able to manage their basic toileting needs.

Click to Download count-with-me-leaflet-4-years-plus [pdf 428KB] Click to Download
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