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Free School Meals - Summer Holidays

This summer holiday, Gloucestershire County Council is providing vouchers to parents who have signed up to our Holiday Free School Meals (FSM) scheme. These vouchers are provided by Gloucestershire County Council as part of its commitment to ‘no child goes hungry’. The vouchers are funded through grant funding we have received and is separate to that of the term time free school meals.

Parents who have signed up to the scheme will receive £15 per child, per week. Therefore, they will receive a voucher for £30 for each child who is eligible for FSM which will cover two weeks of the summer holiday. The scheme is eligible for children aged 4-16 years old who are currently eligible for Free School Meals.. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider college and sixth form students.

Parents who have signed up previously do not need to re-register, they will already have been included. To ensure we get all those who are eligible, we are encouraging new parents to sign up as soon as they can.

Applications for Holiday Free School Meal Vouchers for the summer holiday period is now open until the 12 July. Voucher emails will be sent out between 13 and 14 July.

Please also check your junk/spam email folders during this period as sometimes the vouchers end up there. If you have not received their vouchers by then please contact us by emailing

For more information and to sign up if you haven't already, please visit our website - Holiday School Meal vouchers.

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Apply online for Free School Meals

Please see the link below with information about applying for Free School Meals and Universal Infant School Meals on-line.

Or visit the website:

Free School Meals

Click to Download Applying for free School Meals on-line [pdf 401KB] Click to Download

Universal Infant Free School Meals

Following the Department for Education's recent review of school food, the government has decided that from 1st September all pupils in KS1 – Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be entitled to have a free school meal at lunchtime.   This offer does not depend on your household income or whether you receive any benefits – every child in these classes is eligible to take up the offer.

In a trial, it was found that pupils who ate a high quality school lunch achieved better academically than those who did not.   They were also more likely to eat healthier foods such as vegetables at lunchtime instead of less healthy foods such as crisps.

Parents in the trial appreciated saving the cost of school lunches (currently £2.34) per child per day) and not having to spend time preparing packed lunches.

On joining the school you will be asked to complete a registration form or apply on-line to enroll your child for UIFSM.   Your child does not have to have a school meal and can still have a packed lunch if they wish.   This form is also available to download from the link below.

Click to Download Free School Meals registration form [pdf 280KB] Click to Download

Free School Meals (Income Based)

If you think your child may be entitled to Free School Meals (any age) based on your financial circumstances please contact the school.   The same form for Universal Infant Free School Meals can also be used to apply for Income Based Free School Meals.

Entitlement to Income Based Free School Meals also makes your child eligible for Pupil Premium - currently worth £1,300.   This money is paid to the school and can be used to support your child's learning and support access to after school activities, trips etc.   Please contact Mrs Ruck if you have any queries.