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As you may know, a new regulation regarding Data Protection came into force on 25th May 2018.


The "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR) will change how we can use your personal data and how we keep it safe.   GDPR is also designed to strengthen the rights you have regarding your data.

We are making a few changes to the way in which we seek consent for, gather, manage and retain data.   While we are confident that these changes will have a small-scale impact on the way you communicate with us on a day to day basis, we do need to ask you to complete a couple of tasks in order to ensure that Lydbrook Primary School is compliant with the new GDPR regulations.

Firstly, please do take the time to read our new Privacy Notice - please click on link below.   If you would like a paper copy of this document please contact the school office.

We currently hold the data you provided on the Data Collection Form sent to you at the beginning of this academic year.   We transfer this data to an electronic database and then securely destory the hard copy.


We will be re-seeking this information on a new Data Collection form in Spetember.   This form will enable you to make changes to any prior consent given.  You can withdraw or make changes to your current contents at any time.


If you have any questions about how the GDPR affects you, you can contact the Head Teacher in the first instance, or our Data Protection Officer (DPO), Richard Morley -



Click to Download Retention [pdf 321KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Lydbrook Primary School - Privacy Notice - Pupils and Parents - Updated September 2020 [pdf 469KB] Click to Download