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The Nest - Nurture Room

Lydbrook Primary School has been developing a nurture room which we have named ‘The Nest.’ 

The Nest has been co-designed by the children and Miss Sprawson and provides the children with a safe and calm environment within the school. The displays were made with the help of the children’s creativity, and reflect the atmosphere of the room.

The Nest is used for the following areas:

1. The children can visit The Nest if they are experiencing emotional issues or need a calm place to go.

2. Miss Sprawson also takes her ELSA sessions within The Nest, which provides a confidential and quiet area to work in.

3. The Nest will also be used for the weekly ‘drop-ins’ where the children make an appointment to talk to Miss Sprawson during lunch times if they want to talk about any problems/ worries which they might have.