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Support for Parents and Children

January 2021

Coronavirus, mental health and wellbeing

Coronavirus has changed lots of things about family life. And we know that some parents and carers might be worried about how to manage stress and changes to their daily routines. It's important to remember that everyone copes with change and stress in different ways. We've got some hints and tips you might find helpful.

Taking care of your mental health during lockdown

Being a parent can be challenging in everyday situations. Now, more than ever, taking care of your mental health is important. Staying at home more or having to work during a difficult situation can put different pressures on everyone. And if you're struggling, it's okay to reach out for support from friends, families and organisations that are here to help .

Changes to our mental health can sometimes affect children and their well-being. They may pick up on your anxiety or low mood. This doesn't mean you should hide or minimise your feelings. You can try to explain them using phrases like, "It's ok to get big feelings, everyone gets big feelings but it's still the grown up's job to look after the children" or "If grown-up's get big feelings it's not your fault - we can ask other grown-ups for help with our feelings."

When things are different to what we're used to and everyone is going through a big change, it's important to give children reassurance and support. Looking after your own mental health is vital to their well-being so don't be afraid to try new things together or feel worried about doing something for yourself to take care of your own well-being. And reach out if you need help. 

Below are some organisations which you might find useful: 

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