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In February, 2019 each class in the school enjoyed a session with Dave, from Skip2BFit. The Skip2Bfit Skipping Workshops are unique skipping workshops which are about motivating the children to succeed, whilst at the same time encouraging them to exercise. In the sessions the children were showed how to skip, breaking it down into 5 simple steps. They were then challenged to the Skip2Bfit 2 minute challenge which was all done to timed music tracks. The Skip2Bfit ropes have counters on them so they could count the number of skips they did.

The children loved the challenge and really tried hard to beat their score and the majority did. Peter Havlitus managed to complete 333 skips in 2 minutes, making it on to the SkipBFit’s top Boy’s League Table – WOW! Then the instructor explained the reason why they improved was because they wanted to, and if they can do that at skipping, they can do it at everything! Finally all the children and staff were given blueberries to encourage healthy eating.

2 Minute Challenge

Since the workshops, the children have enjoyed the Skip2BFit 2 minute challenge every day! Every Friday, the scores are recorded on each classes’ chart, which is displayed in the school’s main corridor. Each time the children have tried to beat their previous score, and we have really enjoyed the challenge!


We have found out the children have not just loved skipping at school, but also at home. 90/110 skipping ropes provided by Skip2BFit after the workshops were bought by the children in the school. Following a questionnaire, many parents have reported to us just how much their children’s skipping has improved.


Here’s what they had to say....

‘Nell was skipping on her trampoline she loves it so much’.

‘Holly enjoyed skipping on a family walk. She is also teaching her little sister to skip.’

‘Arrabella couldn’t skip before Skip2BFit. Now after practising at home most days, and at school she is brilliant at skipping!’

‘She practises every day, even when it is raining she does it in the living room!’

‘Jake’s enjoying the challenge to raise his personal best.’

‘James has really enjoyed skipping at home. He even managed to do over 430 skips in one go!’

‘Verity has enjoyed challenging herself to see how many skips she can do in 2 minutes. She has also encouraged Mum and Dad to join her in Skip2BFit!’

‘Jago absolutely loved the skipping workshop and has been skipping at home with his new rope ever since! It’s even become a family challenge, with all of us trying to best our own records and setting each other new targets and challenges!’

‘Morgan has been enjoying skipping at home and has been very proud of how many skips she can do now. She worked hard to learn how to skip, and she practised a lot.’

‘They have been skipping mad! Mastering new techniques and even skipping on the trampoline and including front flips whilst skipping. Next – on a horse...’

‘Eden couldn’t skip before the workshop but now skips everyday and is trying out new tricks.’ 

‘I was initially sceptical when he asked for a skipping rope that counts skips. However, he skipped for 2.5 hours the day he bought it home meaning his legs hurt the next day!’

‘He has since skipped daily and really improved his technique. The whole family have joined in at times seeing how many skips we can do. It’s been good fun and I am pleased he is a little more active each day.’

‘Eleanor has been enjoying skipping at home and has competitions with Cyril. She has also helped Cyril to improve his skipping. Both have improved their skipping over the past few weeks.’

‘Lola loves skipping! She does it every day without fail. Even when the weather is bad she tries to do it in her bedroom.’

Peter’s dream came true! The whole school is skipping! All 3 boys have been skipping daily now. They talk about the health benefits of skipping (which got Mum and Dad to skip too!) and feel the need to practise and perform better than other kids at school, which makes practice at home even more exciting. The only downside is that we have the house full of skipping ropes! They are everywhere!

As you can see, both the children and parents have really enjoyed our new skipping initiative!

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