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We need your help!

During the isolation period I have been thinking about how to improve the Early Years resouces. If you have been sorting out during the lock down or just have a little time on your hands you may be able to help! I want to allow the children further opportunities for more open-ended and holistic play, therefore I am looking for the following items. If you think you can help please start collecting and saving. If you would like more information please email me 

I would like to create a loose parts lab.

 I am looking for:

  • corks
  • empty cotton reels
  • feathers
  • curtain rings
  • buttons
  • shells
  • fir cones
  • old picture frames
  • small glass beads
  • cork place mats
  • pebbles
  • wooden crates
  • different sized peices of wood
  • Old medium/small sized suitcases

Slices of wood in varying sizes and thickness.

Slices of wood painted with black board paint.

Folding mirrors.

A new type of role play

I would like to enhance our role play area by adding more open ended resources. I am looking for:

  • Old suitcases  small to medium 
  • A variety of hats
  • Ties
  • Sunglasses
  • White pillow cases we can cut to make tunics
  • Floaty scarves
  • Tubes
  • Wooden crates

Role play using imagination