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Magpies started their journey through Ancient Egypt, by joining Howard Carter when he was excavating for Tutankhamun's tomb!

Magpies perfoming their model text for instructions.

Following on from our previous use of learning a model text, prior to the children composing their own, we have learnt a set of instructions linked to our class book 'The Iron Man'.

The core of this method involves children learning a model text, which includes language, sentence structure, grammatical features and text style that is to be covered that term.  

The text is learnt through regular practice, as well as prompts from a story map (pictures to remind the children of key points within each sentence) and actions, which help the children to learn but also highlight key language features.

The children have used this method to learn a fairy tale, news report, an information text and a science fiction story so far, but we are now using the website to share their most recent text with you.  

Below is a photo of the instructions map (please excuse my drawings) and then six short video clips show the children performing it in the classroom before they then wrote their own instructions to explain how to make an Art Bot robot (see photos and video clips below).


Click to Download Title [mov 8MB] Click to Download
Click to Download Introduction [mov 77MB] Click to Download
Click to Download What you need [mov 34MB] Click to Download
Click to Download What you do part 1 [mov 66MB] Click to Download
Click to Download What you do part 2 [mov 51MB] Click to Download
Click to Download Final note of warning [mov 26MB] Click to Download

A sandwich for Mr Lusted!

After a desperate plea from Mr Lusted, who had forgotten his lunch, Magpies saved the day by making him a sandwich.

Unfortunatly, due to some poor instructions, the sandwich was nearly a disaster!   Can you spot the mistakes the children made?

Luckily, the children adapted their instructions and finally a sandwich was made and delivered to Mr Lusted in time for lunch.

Art Bots

Magpie class made Art Bots!

These are robots which use felt tip pens attached to a plastic cup.  This is vibrated by a battery pack linked to a motor, which has had tape attched to alter the movement of the spinning motor.

We all had a great time building these and the children showed great co-operation skills when working together in groups and overcoming difficulties as a team.

Well done Magpies!

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The year 3 children in Magpies have been exploring rocks in science and really enjoyed making igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks out of chewy sweets!