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Autumn Term 2021

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Magpies Class! 

Please find attached to this letter an overview of the exciting learning theme we have planned. For this term we will be focusing on learning about ‘Twisted’ Fairy Tales, where classic stories have been altered, for example: to a different point of view. This will inspire our own story telling and lead to children writing their own unique tales.

We will be immersing ourselves in the wonderful setting of ‘Goodrich Castle’ as stimulus for our writing and learn about countries where the tales originated.  We will also look at the history behind castles which play such a prominent role in Fairy Tales.

If your child has a book at home based on a Fairy Tale which is twisted in some way, they are very welcome to bring it in to share with the class to support our learning.


Overview of the subjects which are separate from the learning theme:


We will be starting with the concepts involved in understanding number and place value.  This will include: counting in different steps, forwards and backwards; comparing and ordering number, using symbols < = >; estimating with number, in different representations; and understanding the worth of different digits, hundreds, tens and ones. We will apply our understanding of place value to answer written addition and subtraction calculations as well as to solve a range of mathematical problems. We will also be continuing our work on children’s maths passports.


We will be learning greetings, colours and numbers, as well as locating France on the map when looking at where various fairy tales originated.


E Safety will underpin our use of computing for research, and this would be greatly supported by a revision, by you at home, of our school Acceptable User Policy (AUP), which can be found on our school website along with other useful documents for keeping your child safe on all forms of technology.


We will be thinking about the question - What is the 'good news' Christians believe Jesus brings?


The children will be developing their fundamental movement skills with coaches from Gloucestershire Cricket Board. These weekly sessions will develop their running, catching, fielding, throwing, striking, agility, balance and co-ordination through fun and engaging activities.


How can you help at home?



Homework will be mainly linked to MyMaths. MyMaths has tutorials/lessons linked to the homework given, as well as fun games to practise mathematical skills. MyMaths is set every Wednesday and is due on the following Wednesday. This will commence from 22nd September. Prior to this, we will send home a letter showing you how to log on to your child’s MyMaths account, and we will also ensure the children have a chance to explore the site with support in school.  Please encourage your child to complete their homework. The children will be able to mark their homework straight away; if your child has scored below 70% they will be expected to try again.


Maths Passports

To support their daily session in school, your child’s Maths Passports should be practiced at least 3 times a week at home. Copies of the children’s passports are being sent home and will also be being stuck into the back of their reading records. Use of the children’s Numbots’ account will assist in securing their number facts.  Once they get to the Africa passport, they will need to practice multiplication and division, and you can help by asking tables questions, mixing up the order and asking division facts, for example “How many 5s in 25?” Online resources to help include a very good site called “Hit the Button” where they can practice multiplication, division addition and subtraction facts. Targets, guidance sheets and links to online games can be found on the school website .



Please listen to your child read at least three times a week to support your child's progress for the Class Reading Challenge.  Their three reads must be from their school scheme book, although enjoying other stories and types of texts in encouraged to create a real love of reading.  It is also really beneficial to have times where you read to, and enjoy stories with your child.

Please ask them a range of questions about what they have read to check their understanding, examples of questions can be found on their ‘Totally Pawsome Reading Gang’ bookmark which was sent home with their new reading record. We will keep a close check on the reading books and check their home/ school books every day. To develop your child’s fluency we will ask them to practise reading some of the pages. This can also be done at home. The book will be changed regularly once your child has developed good understanding and has improved their rate and accuracy.

The children’s reading record books will be checked every Monday for their three reads a week, please ensure an adult signs for each of the reads.

Prior to the children starting their MyMaths homework, copies of the children’s log-in details for the MyMaths will be put in their reading record books.


Equipment. Please can the children continue to bring the minimum into school.

PE kit: Please ensure that your child is wearing their PE kit every Friday, that earrings are removed (if the child can’t do it themselves) and long hair is tied back.

Outdoor trainers: A pair of trainers for outdoor sessions to be kept in your child’s locker all week.

Water bottle: Please ensure that your child has their named water bottle filled with water at the beginning of each day.

Reading books and Home School Contact Book. These items should be brought into school every day.

Personal equipment: Each child is provided with a school pencil case with all the equipment they need for learning; therefore, personal pencil cases and equipment from home are not necessary.


Staff in Magpies

Mrs Fellows will be teaching the children on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with Miss Sprawson in the class on Thursdays and Fridays.   We also have Mrs Townsend and Mrs Atanasova, as teaching assistants, in class supporting the children’s learning.

Finally, if you ever have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to continue to contact us via email,, or by phoning the school.


We look forward to working with you and your children this term,

Miss Sprawson and Mrs Fellows

File icon: docx Twisted Fairy Tales Thematic Plan Autumn Term 2021 [docx 4MB] Click to download