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Magpies learnt the traditional tale of Stone soup before following a recipe to make and then enjoy this wonderful dish!  

We were very pleased to make use of the potatoes and herbs grown in the wellbeing garden by the children from last years Magpie class.

Pulleys to transport treats across the river over the hungry enormous crocodile.

3.10.22 We managed to finish and evaluate our pulleys that we built using a design brief.

The children were really independent on the task, using their listening and discussion skills as well as turn taking allowing the children to solve problems and completed the task effectively.

Videos of pulleys made by Magpies!

Click to Download IMG 3978 [mov 9MB] Click to Download
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Magpies trip into the woods with the Minpins and the Gruncher!

Magpies headed off into the woods to explore the Roald Dahl book 'Billy and the Minpins'.  

We had readings from the book where the scary Gruncher appears, and there were some very terrifying sounds to inspire our artwork, imagining what we felt the Gruncher may look like.  We then performed our model text with actions sharing how Billy first entered the forest.    

After another reading from the book we went on a hunt for the tiny Minpins who live in minute houses in the branches and trunks of trees, and we found plenty of evidence that they actually live in our forest as well!

After a power boost from hot chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits, we set off back to school where our trip inspired some amazing writing!

Thank you to all the parents who joined us and thank you to the Minpins who let us explore their secret world!

After an email from Cannop ponds, informing us that their crocodile was missing, we were asked to check for evidence around our school ponds. The children were very excited to find footprints, damaged ferns and chewed logs before spending a morning finding out all about aligators and crocodiles.  This was followed by us enjoying the story of the Enormous crocodile.