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Welcome to Jays!

Dear Future Jays!

Miss Sprawson, Mrs Fellows and Mrs Farr are really looking forward to welcoming you into the Jays class in September!

We have a really stimulating theme planned for next term, which we can’t wait to share with you just yet as we want to surprise you in September! There will be lots of interesting and exciting activities which we are currentlymaking plans for. 

We know you have been working hard at home over these past few months, and your parents and teachers have been enjoying seeing your work. We are looking forward to teaching you, and seeing all the wonderful things you can achieve. We will continue to use the ‘Secrets of Success’to further develop our positive learning attitudes, as well as ‘The 5 Ways to Wellbeing’ to make sure our mental and physical health are in the best condition they can be. 

It has been a while since we have taught some of you, and the children who were in the Jays already – you have probably grown and changed so much over the last few months! We would really like to find out more about you, including what you are looking forward to and what you want to get better at next year. Attached to this letter is an ‘All About Me’ activityPlease complete yours neatly and carefully. You can then email it to us at or bring it with you on the first day back in September. 

We are sure you will have a mixture of feelings about returning to school. Some positive, like seeing your friends again,and some negative, such as worrying about things which might be different.  Please make sure you let an adult in your house know about any worries or concerns, as they may be able to find the answer to whatever is worrying you on our school website., However, as well as sending us your ‘All about me’ task, feel free to send any questions, which we can answer to ensure you feel confident about your new school year.

We would love you to take part inthis year’s Summer Reading Challenge! This challenge is a great time to share and talk about books as a family and to celebrate your reading achievements.The Challenge encourages children aged 4 to 11 to enjoy the benefits of reading for pleasure over the summer holidays, providing lots of fun and enjoyment as well as helping to prevent the summer reading ‘dip’.Did you know that embedding a love of reading when you’re a child can improve your wellbeing later in life? 19% of adult readers say that reading stops them feeling lonely. 

Please click on the link below to join up and start your summer reading fun!

Please come prepared in September to recommend one of your favourite books (fact or fiction) to your classmates. This might be a book that you read over the summer in the Summer Reading Challenge, or it could be a book that you have already really enjoyed. Please complete the attached Book Recommendation Sheet neatly and carefully (or recreate on a piece of paper if you do not have access to a printer). 


Don’t forget to keep improving your Maths skills by regularly practicing your times tables – the multiplication and division facts – either on TT Rockstars or any way which helps you to learn them. 


And finally, we just want to say how much we are looking forward to welcoming you back to Lydbrook School in September. There will be so much to enjoy and learn! 


We hope you and your family have a great Summer break!

Miss Sprawson, Mrs Fellows and Mrs Farr


Summer To Do List: 

  • Complete the ‘All About Me’ activity 
  • Enjoy lots of reading and complete a Book Recommendation 
  • Keep practising your times table and division facts (TT Rockstars) 
File icon: docx All About Me Booklet word [docx 1MB] Click to download
File icon: docx Book Review [docx 2MB] Click to download

Summer Reading Challenge!

This year the online reading challenge is a celebration of funny books, happiness and laughter, with a story set in a fun house and a team of mad-cap animals who love to make people laugh. But be warned: a mysterious baddy is hoping to ruin their fun! 

Follow this link to find out how to start your summer reading adventure.