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Maths Passports

Maths Passports is a strategy used to develop and improve children’s mental maths skills. 

Each child  has been allocated a passport with a series of targets set out in continents. As children progress through each passport, the targets get progressively more challenging, with an aim to develop basic number skills and instant recall in all objectives. All passports are matched to meet the individual needs of children, which will allow them to progress through the passports at their own pace.

Your involvement as a parent:

Please take the time to find out what Maths Passport Target your child is on and by using the information you have been sent about Maths Passports, please support them in practising their skills. This could be in the car, at teatime, in the bath, before bed... anytime! It does not need to be a formal, sit down session.

Should you have any queries regarding the Passports, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Click to Download atlantis-eco [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Click to Download Lost Island-eco [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Click to Download globetrotter-eco [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Click to Download south-america-eco [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Click to Download north-america-eco [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Click to Download australasia-eco [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Click to Download antarctica-eco [pdf 1MB] Click to Download


What is Times Table Rock Stars?

Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practise.  This website allows the children to practise their times tables through a competitive element. When you log on, you can select different areas known as arenas to complete a range of times table tests. As the teacher, we can set the times tables which we want the children to be able to access.

What are the benefits of Times Table Rock Stars?

  • Incorrect answers are always immediately corrected in front of the pupil so that they start to associate the correct answer to every question.
  • The clever code behind the scenes works out which times tables facts each pupil is consistently taking longer to answer and then it gradually starts to present these facts more frequently until pupils have mastered them.
  • It will also ask related division questions some of the time in order to reinforce division facts

Maths Frame

Mathsframe has more than 200 interactive maths games and 300 maths worksheets and assessments linked to the new curriculum. All resources are designed by an experienced KS2 teacher. New games and worksheets are added regularly.

In the link below is a variety of games that are linked to all of the children's passports