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Well done Jays - it was FANTASTIC to listen to your poems in our teams meeting!

Secret Agents

Hello Jays,


We watched a very important video on Monday, 25th January from our commander in charge, 00M.

We learnt how the Secrets of Success will help us to be successful in our up and coming missions.


File icon: mp4 00M Introduction [mp4 15MB] Click to download
File icon: mp4 00M Briefing [mp4 17MB] Click to download

Secret Agent Applications

Well done to the following children who have had their applications approved! 

You demonstrated excellent skills in your applications: Agents 005, Miss Sptrawson and and 006, Mrs Fellows were very impressed!

Mission 1: Invisible ink

The Jays were assigned their first mission - to write a secret message using magic ink!

After Mrs Fellows demonstarted the task in class, you usesd the Secret of Success of: 

Be curious – you needed to ask questions, notice things and look for patterns and connections.

Lola emailed the video of her successful mission - and we love the results! We feel the same Lola!

File icon: mov Lola magic [mov 2MB] Click to download

Mathematical Secret Agents

We have fulfiiled our mathematical mission of creating information posters.

This posters show how to complete the short multiplication method - just follow these simple steps!




Artistic Secret Agents

We learnt about the artist Escher who made amazing artwork which puzzles the mind! 


We created a piece of work using tessellation (a pattern which slots together like a jigsaw and repeats) and then create our own designs.




Wellbeing Secret Agents

The Jays have been set many wellbeing missions - from making someone smile, to creating positive mindsets.

Well done Jays - you are acheiving great things!

Holly made a fantastic surprise for her sister Willow!

Lola's positive box

Ruby's beautiful picture

Expressing Ourslves as Secret Agents!

We have been learning all about Children's Mental Health Week, and how 'expressing ourselves' helps us to keep a healthy mind.

As well as a teams meeting and an online assembly based on this important week, the Jays have been enjoying many diferent activities at home and school on how they like to express themselves!

Ocre expresses herself through nature and her animals!

Ocre has been enjoying the newly hatched quails at her home. How sweet!

Lola expresses herself through music!

Lola enjoys playing the keybaord and singing!

Also, through creativity!

Here is Lola making her glitter jar - very calming!

File icon: mov Video of Lola's glitter [mov 1MB] Click to download

Ruby has been creative when making her calming jar

File icon: mov Ruby's calm [mov 1MB] Click to download

Poetic Secret Agents

Poetry: Forest of Dean in the Winter

It was such a joy to hear the poetry which you have been working hard on in our teams meeting on Tuesday, 27th January.

You clearly used the success criteria and your creative imaginations to write and perform such beautiful imagery. 

You will find the PowerPoint with the poems underneath - enjoy watching all of your fantastic work!

File icon: pptx Wednesday Teams PowerPoint for Poems.pptx [pptx 211MB] Click to download

 Poetry on the Forest of Dean