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Moon Landing Video clips

Movie making is really taking off during lockdown!

File icon: mov Trystan - One Step [mov 31MB] Click to download
File icon: mov Louise Moon Landing [mov 19MB] Click to download
File icon: mov Morgan's moon landing [mov 28MB] Click to download
File icon: mov Trystan's movie [mov 3MB] Click to download
File icon: mov Thomas - moon landing [mov 10MB] Click to download
File icon: mov Amelie's Moon landing [mov 4MB] Click to download


Space rockets!

The Jays have been busy creating their own space rockets!

Its 1,2,3……………. ‘BLAST OFF!’

Well done Jays for all the FANTASTIC work that you have emailed to us during the past couple of weeks on the theme of ‘Space’. We have really enjoyed looking at all your hard work and your ‘out of this world’ creations!

We are looking forward to seeing more – don’t forget to send your work to  

James has created a rocket with flames.

A fantastic effort!

Cally has been inspired by our topic on Space and designed her very own super space rocket!

We have lift off from Ruby!

A colourful creation. Great work!

Thomas has followed instructions carefully to create this space craft model. Great work Thomas!


Louise’s space rocket is ready for take off! Well done Louise!

The Richardson brothers have been very busy! Their design and technology creations are extremely impressive. Trystan’s super silver rocket certainly looks ready to blast off! Excellent work!


Job Applications to be an Astronaut

Morgan is watching a real-life space man to help her to think of the qualities which an astronaut must have to be able to do their job. Good research skills Morgan!

Here is Harrison working extremely hard on his application to be a space astronaut.

We would hire you Harrison!

Star Gazing!

Here is a picture of Lola and her Dad staying up and watching her 1st meteor shower ????! She was amazed & loved it so much!

Skills of an Astronaut


Harry has been thinking hard on why he should be given the job as an astronaut. He has many excellent qualities, including being ‘daring, brave and calm’. Well done Harry!






Engineer ability’s




Quick thinking

Above average intelligence

Strong swimmer

Able to deal  with being alone


Pass science in collage

a good scientist


Good listener

Able to be away from others

Creative ideas




Characteristics/skills of an Astronaut



physical fitness



Excellent eye sight

Good health


Communication skills

Flex ability






A trip to South America


Morgan has been very busy again, this time researching South America from our last class theme. She has created her own brochure on many exciting aspects of this fascinating continent. What hard work Morgan!