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All the fun at the Year 6 Fayre!

The Year 6 children developed their enterprise skills by organising a fayre for the rest of the school to enjoy. The money raised from the event will pay for an end of year celebratory family BBQ at Beechenhurst. 

Author Sarah Franklin

Author Sarah Franklin worked with Jays and Hawks to create an adventure story set in the Forest of Dean during World War Two. Mrs Franklin explained to the children how she developed her characters, planned, wrote and edited her WW2 novel Shelter which is set in the Forest of Dean. 


The children then worked together to create their own story plan. It was wonderful to listen to the children's creative ideas about evacuee children arriving at Lydbrook and a German plane crash in the woods. 


The children worked in groups to write just one section of the story before putting it together with their classmates to produce one complete narrative. At the end of the morning, each group read their section aloud. The adults were so impressed by the children’s creative vocabulary and how, despite working in different groups to create each section, the story flowed together. 


As part of this work, ‘Dean Scribblers’ who aim to encourage young Forest writing talent are going to publish the children’s writing from this term in an anthology for the children to keep. This is special opportunity for the children to have their written work published and we are all looking forward to receiving our copies in the New Year. 

Andy Seed, author of The Story of The Forest, visited Jays and Hawks to inspire the children to write information texts about WW2 in the Forest of Dean.  

The children are looking forward to sending their finished writing to Andy to read. 

Remembrance Sunday

The two School Councillors from Hawks  represented the school at the community Remembrance Service. The children had written the names of soldiers from Lydbrook on the crosses and presented these as part of the service. 

Remembrance Day Service

Please click the link below to watch Jays and Hawks Remembrance Service. 

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Mr Deeks from the Local History Society


On the 15th October we welcomed Mr Deeks from the Local History Society who developed the children’s understanding of how World War 1 impacted on the Forest of Dean. Mr Deeks was so impressed with how much the children already knew about World War 1 including how it started and what life was like in the trenches.


We walked to Lydbrook Memorial Hall and learnt more about some of the soldiers who fought in the war including George Hussey who Lucas has a very special family connection to. 


We look forward to welcoming Mr Deeks back soon to link into our learning about World War 2. 

World War Silhouette Art 


The children developed their stitching techniques to create their own poppies to wear as a sign of remembrance. 

World War 2

On the 15th of November, Mr Deeks from the Local History Society visited Jays and Hawks. He developed the children’s understanding of how World War 2 impacted the Forest of Dean. The children were so engaged when learning about different aspects of World War 2 including how children were evacuated to the Forest, the role of the Lumbarjills, the American GIs who were guarding the munitions that were stored in the Forest of Dean and the German and Italian soldiers in the Prisoner of War Camps. 


We were also visited by Mrs Griffiths who was able to talk to the children about her memories of being a child in the Forest including rationing, the sound of air raid sirens, having to carry a gas mask to school and seeing German warplanes flying over the Forest.