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Summer 2021

Hello future Hawks Class!


Mrs Clark and I are really looking forward to seeing you all back in school in September and to share the journey of this coming year with you. We already have exciting learning themes planned with lots of fantastic learning experiences. I cannot wait to reveal our learning theme for the Autumn Term (it is one of my absolute favourites and I know you are going to really enjoy it too!) 


This year will bring us all so many opportunities to grow and learn together. As your teacher and TA, we will expect you to have high expectations for yourselves and to work as hard as you can to be the best that you can be


I wonder what you want to get better at next year? We understand that reaching your goals can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you get stuck at something! It can take a long time to become an expert at something you are not yet so good at. In fact, scientists have proved that the only way to learn is to try something new and work really hard at it…even if you make lots of mistakes. 


Yes – we want you to make mistakes next year! In order to be successful you need to try something tricky, make mistakes, get feedback and then learn from them. Remember, the worst mistake anyone can make is to be afraid to make one! 


Mrs Clark and I are really looking forward to learning with you next year and seeing you all reach your goals!


Mrs Hughes



Please find below an overview of tasks that I would like you to complete over the summer break. 

Tasks to complete over the summer break...

All about you!


We would really like to find out more about you, including what you are looking forward to and what you want to get better at next year. Please complete the all about me task neatly and carefully, and bring it back to school with you in September. 

File icon: pptx All About Me!.pptx [pptx 807KB] Click to download

Read, Read, Read!

Over the summer, please create a ‘book in a box’ with a written recommendation for a book that you have really enjoyed reading. 


For more information about how to create your book in a box, please take a look at the PowerPoint that I shared with you during our move-up session. 

File icon: pptx Book Recommendation .pptx [pptx 315KB] Click to download
File icon: pptx Book in a box move up session.pptx [pptx 9MB] Click to download

Optional - Why not have fun with this year's Summer Reading Challenge?


This year’s nature theme, Wild World Heroes, features amazing books, awesome rewards, and plenty of ideas for taking care of our environment. There are also online games, competitions and digital stickers to unlock on the Summer Reading Challenge website. Visit your local library to take part in the challenge – I wonder how many of Hawks will earn themselves the Summer Reading Challenge medal? 

For more information click here.

Be a mathematical master!


Please keep practising your Maths Passport targets including your times tables and division facts over the summer as these will REALLY help you next year! 


Who will win the battle of the bands between the new Jays and Hawks classes over the summer? Don’t let the team down Hawks! 

Write to me!

Had an amazing day? I would love to hear all about it! Please write me a letter or email.  


School address: Lydbrook Primary School, Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, GL17 9PX



Have a safe and enjoyable break everyone – see you back in school on the 6th of September!