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During school closure, this will be our class area for you to share photographs of your work with both myself and your classmates. 


When you have completed a task from the weekly timetable, please email me a photograph and I will upload it onto this page. 


It is wonderful seeing so many of you enjoying our theme, The Tempest. Seeing all of your fantastic creations really puts a smile on my face and I hope that you are also enjoying seeing each other's fantastic work. 


Mrs Hughes

Poor Ariel! He wants to be as free as the lightning and the wind! This week, Hawks have been challenged to write persuasive letters in role as Ariel to Prospero.


Read the letters and decide...would you set Ariel free if you were Prospero?..

Millie has written an organised letter full of persuasion including ending with flattery. 

Tristan has worked hard to include lots of persuasive devices including rhetorical questions. 

Molly B has clearly thought carefully about the reasons why Prospero should set Ariel free in this organised, persuasive letter. 

Charlie has included the success criteria including rhetorical questions and flattery in his persuasive letter – super writing!  

Jake has written an organised letter full of persuasive techniques including flattery and rhetorical questions. 

Ruby has thought carefully about the reasons why Ariel should be set free in her very persuasive letter.

Harry has shown a good understanding of the story so far with his thoughtful, persuasive reasons – super writing! 

Xander has thought carefully about his reasons and has successfully used the success criteria to create his persuasive letter. 

Verity has worked hard to include lots of persuasive language in her thoughtful letter including rhetorical questions. 

Leon has provided persuasive reasons in his letter showing a good understanding of the story so far. 

Megan has written a persuaive and organised letter in role as Ariel. 

Cassius has worked hard to include the success criteria to write this detailed, persuasive letter. 

Daniel has shown a good understanding of the story to write his persuasive letter in role as Ariel. 

Megan has considered her persuasive reasons carefully in her letter to Prospero. 

Molly H has thought of persuasive reasons for her letter to Prospero. 

This week (18th - 24th May) is Mental Health Awareness Week, and this year the theme is kindness. 


At the moment, things can feel a little uncertain. But, during these difficult times, one thing is clear: small acts of kindness make a big difference


Let me know about your kind acts and how you have been 'bucket fillers'

From making his mum pancakes (lucky mum!), to replacing the flag on the British Legion building, Leon has been a real kindness bucket filler!


Open the PowerPoint to discover more of Leon's acts of kindness ... 



File icon: pptx Leon - The power of kindness [pptx 305MB] Click to download

Jago has thought carefully about his five acts of kindness - I like the sound of writing a letter to his local hospital. 

Molly H is going to bake cakes for her family for one of her kind acts - what a lovely idea! 

Poor Ferdinand! Following the mighty storm, he finds himself on a mysterious island all alone as Prospero, in his invisibility cloak, and Ariel watch on. As Ariel sings ‘Full Fathom Five’ Ferdinand is made to believe his father, King Alonso, has perished in the storm. 


Hawks have been writing diary entries in role as Ferdinand… 

Charlie worked hard to write this descriptive diary in role as Ferdinand - I particulalry like his description of the storm! 


Xander has worked hard to accurately recall the events in his diary with excellent description... 


...super writing!   

Jake has clearly gotten into role as Ferdinand to write this creative diary…

…he even managed to recall the original lyrics of Full Fathom Five! Excellent writing, Jake! 

Millie has used fantastic description within her diary – I particularly like her description of the storm, as well as a cliff hanger ending… 

Leon has accurately recounted events and feelings in his version of Ferdinand’s diary. 

Harry has thought carefully about what Ferdinand could see and hear as he recounted his experience on the ship during the storm.    

Molly B has really gotten into role as Ferdinand to write this creative, descriptive diary. Super writing, Molly!  

Ruby has written an incredibly descriptive diary in role as Ferdinand…

…she has even quoted Shakespeare’s original 'Full Fathom Five'. Super writing, Ruby! 

Ruby was inspired by The Tempest to decorate a jar – creative artwork, Ruby! 

Jago has written a well organised diary with lots of creative description in role as Ferdinand. What a superb diary!   

Verity has worked hard to write a creative, detailed diary in role as Ferdinand – I also like how she has made her paper look old! Fantastic effort! 

Megan has fully immersed herself in the role of Ferdinand to write this diary which is full of imaginative description

Design and Technology Challenge

Hawks have been challenged with making a model of Antonio’s ship during Prospero’s mighty storm. The two week challenge includes using a cam mechanism to create linear movement (to make Antonio’s ship move up and down).

I wonder how they will get on?...

Mrs Clark has successfully used cams to make Antonio’s ship, as well as the waves in her background, move up and down. Click the video below to watch Mrs Clark recite part of her spell as she demonstrates her model. Excellent technology work, Mrs Clark!  

File icon: mp4 VIDEO-2020-05-07-15-31-10 [mp4 2MB] Click to download




Cassius admits that although the model was quite tricky to make, he is happy with the final outcome. I think he should be very proud of himself for creating movement with cams and for obviously taking care to create the different elements of his model including the waves, ship and stormy background. Open the video below to watch a demonstration of the cam mechanisms in action and to read a very thorough evaluation. Excellent technology work!

File icon: mov IMG_9135 [mov 22MB] Click to download
File icon: docx Task_evaluation-boat [docx 12KB] Click to download

Impressively, Xander made a cardboard prototype of his model before using plywood for his final model! I like the way Xander has hidden his cam mechanisms with the waves which gives it a very professional finish. Click the video to watch Xander’s model in action. Excellent technology work! 



File icon: mov IMG_6013 [mov 13MB] Click to download
File icon: docx Xander's cam mechanism [docx 652KB] Click to download


Jago has demonstrated excellent problem solving skills during the making of his model and has included some good advice in his evaluation for anybody trying to complete this technology challenge for the first time! Jago admits that he is happy with how his cam and follower work and how his final model looks. I agree with Jago – fantastic technology work! 

File icon: docx Jago Evaluation [docx 2MB] Click to download

Leon managed to solve some problems along the way to create two movements, for both the waves and the ship, using eccentric cam mechanisms to create a model that he admits he is happy with (and so he should be!) Leon has taken great care to produce a model that not only works but looks good as well – I really like the use of tissue paper for the sea and the realistic sails on the ship. Open the video below to watch a demonstration of Leon’s effective cam mechanisms. Leon’s evaluation outlines some of the challenges he faced and how he overcame them – super technology work! 

File icon: mov Leon's video [mov 31MB] Click to download
File icon: docx Task evaluation Antonio's boat. [docx 220KB] Click to download

Molly B worked hard to carefully plan her technology project before beginning – you can see her professional plan in the document below. 


Molly’s completed model looks fantastic! She obviously worked hard to follow her plan and create a model that not only looks good but works well with the cam mechanisms. Excellent design and technology work! 

File icon: docx Molly's plan [docx 100KB] Click to download

Verity enjoyed making her mechanical boat. She has included two egg shaped cams to create realistic movement from the ship as it rides the waves!


Verity’s model is made from wood which she painted to give a very professional finish. Excellent design and technology work! 


Click on the video below to watch Verity's boat in action!



File icon: mov IMG_4596 [mov 7MB] Click to download

Jake has made a fantastic model complete with two cams to creative realistic boat movement. Jake demonstrated good problem solving skills to overcome some difficulty with the cam mechanisms, but soon realised that adding more weight helped them to work effectively. Fantastic technology work!


Open the video below to see Jake’s boat in action. 



File icon: mov IMG_0790 [mov 12MB] Click to download



Molly H really enjoyed painting her model - I like how she has created a stormy background.


She has also successfully used a cam mechanism to create movement. Well done Molly!





Tristan worked hard to complete his model with a cam mechanism to control the movement of the ship.

I like the depth within his model, with the stormy background as well as the storm cloud and lightning just above Antonio's ship! Super work. 

Megan enjoyed blending paints to get a real sense of depth in the sea and stormy sky. I also really like the addition of the sea creatures! Megan has successfully created movement of the ship using a cam mechanism - open the video to watch Megan's model in action! Super technology work!



File icon: mp4 VID_20200516_183217~2 [mp4 16MB] Click to download






Alisia has drawn and painted this wonderful image of Prospero - excellent artwork, Alisia! 

I, Prospero, summon...

Hawks have been writing creative spells full of powerful images to summon Prospero's immense storm from The Tempest.

Mrs Clark is also enjoying home learning! She has written a very impressive ‘I Prospero summon…’ poem full of powerful imagery. Well done, Mrs Clark!! 

Ruby has created powerful imagery within her spell – I really like how she has described the darkness as a gargantuan snake ready to wrench the boat…Super writing, Ruby!

Xander has really gotten into character as Prospero to create this powerful spell full of thoughtful, creative images of his mighty storm! 

Tristan has done a fantastic job of applying lots of different writing techniques to summon Prospero’s storm! I really like his use of personification including spiteful winds and determined waves! 

Molly B has used a range of different language techniques to create this powerful spell summoning Prospero’s immense storm. Molly’s use of personification, including the enraged, seething thunder, creates lots of strong images. 

Charlie has created a powerful spell to summon Prospero’s storm. I particularly like his last line – crashing waves to push the ship full of despair to the endless deep of the ocean.  Excellent creative writing, Charlie!

Millie has created lots of powerful images to summon Prospero’s storm – I like the use of personification in her line ‘vicious waves to laugh in the faces of those who I despise!’ Fantastic writing, Millie! 

Jake has created another fantastic image of Prospero to accompany his writing…



...I really like Jake’s use of powerful images within his spell, as well as his use of rhythm and rhyme. Fantastic creative writing, Jake!   

Verity has worked hard to write this creative poem full of powerful images of Prospero’s mighty storm. I particularly like her use of personification including agitated thunder and boisterous wind. Super, creative writing, Verity! 

Leon is calling upon Poseidon, god of the sea, to help him summon his powerful storm! An excellent spell full of superb images!

Jago has created a very impressive spell full of thoughtful language choices. I particularly like his line, ‘Surging waves to swallow the ship in a tsunami’ – what a powerful image! Super writing, Jago! 

Harry has created strong images within his spell. I particularly like his use of thoughtful adjectives including mighty, angry, shocking and determined – can you spot which of his adjectives are also examples of personification? Well done Harry! 

I particularly like Megan’s last line within her creative spell: ‘The aggressive sea pulls the ship deeper and deeper.’ The personification used here creates a powerful image – well done Megan.

Cassius has used lots of powerful imagery and thoughtful language choices throughout his spell. I really like the image of his raging waves which are wrestling with the ship. Excellent creative writing Cassius! 

This week, I asked you to use your science and technology skills to design a boat that floats…    

Sam didn’t have all the suggested resources at home to create his boat but showed excellent initiative to find alternatives, but will it be successful?...

...Yes! Not only does Sam’s boat float, it can also carry 250g worth of 2p coins! Excellent work Sam! 

Charlie also used his initiative to use materials he could find at home to create his boat. Not only does it float, but it is also very strong. Super work Charlie! 

Leon looks like he is having a lot of fun testing whether his boats float in the bath! Leon did not have much luck with his plasticine boat, so went on to make a successful boat from an egg box and another from a plastic bottle with a propeller! Excellent work, Leon!

Tristan looks pleased with his boat, but will it float?...

...Yes! Fantastic work, Tristan!    

Harvey has used recycled materials from home to create his boat complete with sails... even managed to survive a great wave brought on by Prospero’s (or even Harvey’s) storm! Super work, Harvey! 

Verity admits that her boat wouldn’t make an effective passenger cruiser as one of her smaller ‘passengers’ fell in! It looks strong to me though and it floats, so well done Verity! 

If you look closely at Millie’s boat, you may notice the ‘THX NHS’ at the top – a nice touch Millie! Another successful floating boat – well done!

Molly H used her initiative to recycle materials she could find at home to create her floating boat. Well done Molly!

Daniel has also shown creativity to recycle materials from home to create his successful floating boat – I particularly like the sail! Well done Daniel! 

Jake had the brilliant idea of creating a smaller version of a coracle which he informs me were small, rounded lightweight boats traditionally used for fishing on rivers including the River Wye...

...Jake’s coracle held an impressive 15kg! Super work Jake! 

Not only has Jago created a boat that looks good and floats… is also very strong – it managed to carry an impressive 10kg. Super work Jago!  



Cassius carefully created his boat using an egg box and tin foil. Although he admits in his evaluation that it only floated for a while …



…he has learnt from this identifying what he would do differently next time. Super evaluation to accompany your boat Cassius! 

Open the video below to see Leon prove that his propeller powered boat works! Well done Leon!  

File icon: mp4 MVI_0010 [mp4 19MB] Click to download

This week Hawks have been set a writing challenge to create a poem describing Prospero’s storm using a variety of writing techniques including onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors and personification to create powerful imagery. 


I am really enjoying reading your fantastic, creative poems Hawks – please keep sending them in! 

Megan listened to sounds of thunder, rain and wind to really get her creative juices flowing! Megan has used all the elements of the success criteria to create this imaginative poem which is full of powerful imagery – well done Megan! 

Well done Verity for carefully using the success criteria to write this creative poem full of images of Prospero’s mighty storm. Verity also used the link to the art tutorial to create Prospero himself! Excellent work Verity!


Millie has produced a creative poem full of poetic devices. I also like how she has added her own ‘twist’ and ended her poem with ellipses – what a cliff hanger! 

Leon has worked hard to include the success criteria to write this powerful poem full of strong images of a powerful sea storm…

…he has also used paint to create this fantastic picture of the passing ship caught in Prospero’s storm – well done Leon! 

Tristan’s poem is full of powerful imagery. He has successfully used the different elements given in the success criteria including personification with the ‘outraged’ thunder and ‘mischievous’ wind. Well done Tristan! 

Jake enjoyed creating imagery in his poem by using the success criteria. I particularly like his image of the tense and conflicting wind playing a tug of war...

…he has also drawn an amazing Prospero to accompany his poem. Well done Jake for your hard work!   

Molly B has written a poem full of powerful images. She has even colour coded the success criteria to make sure she has been successful! An excellent poem Molly – well done!  

Charlie has created strong images of Prospero’s storm with lots of different writing techniques including personification – I love the image of thunder angrily shouting. Well done Charlie.    

Molly H has also used the success criteria to create a poem that she is proud of. I like the use of similes including ‘the waves attack like an army’ – excellent imagery Molly. Well done!

Xander has created some fantastic images in his poem. I particularly like his personification including ‘the thunder is crying with rage.’ Excellent work Xander!  

Jago has created powerful images in his poem by using thoughtful similes, metaphors and personification. I particularly like his similes to describe the wind...'moaning like a ghost' and 'howling like a wolf'  Excellent work Jago! 

Cassius has carefully used the success criteria including onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors and personification to create a poem full of powerful imagery – what a mighty storm!  

Hawks look like they have been having lots of fun in the sun creating their Tudor houses! I have really enjoyed receiving photographs of all of your finished models. Well done to all of you who have had a go at this technology task!  

Daniel ‘supersized’ his house which looks amazing. 

Well done Daniel! 

Charlie has obviously taken care to produce a very neat model house. Well done Charlie!

Tristan looks like he has taken lots of care to produce his model. 

Excellent work Tristan!

It’s lovely to see these brothers enjoying the sunshine with their completed technology tasks from today. It’s another larger scale, carefully completed model here from Xander – well done! 

Jago has also taken great care to produce a model Tudor house complete with a lego William Shakespeare! 

Fantastic work Jago!

Doesn’t Leon’s model look like the original picture? Well done Leon – you obviously worked hard to follow the instructions!

Millie has added a chimney to her model with realistic smoke. Excellent work Millie! 

Cassius concentrated to carefully follow the instructions to create both his model house, as well as William Shakespeare from lego. 

Both finished models look fantastic - Well done Cassius! 

Megan looks like she has had some help from her pets to create her detailed Tudor House...

...I think her guinea pig has moved in! Excellent work Megan! 

Ruby has taken care to create her model house – fantastic work Ruby! 

Molly B has worked hard to complete her Tudor House – I was lucky enough to receive a ‘video tour’ of Molly’s model and can see that she has worked hard to include some extra details inside the house including furniture! Super technology work Molly! 

Harry looks like he has had a lot of fun creating his house, complete with its own ‘thatched’ roof – well done Harry! 


Jake has worked hard to create his Tudor House complete with transparent windows and detailed window and door panelling. Well done Jake for creating this careful model!

I hope you enjoyed your William Shakespeare task this week Hawks. Please email me a photograph of your finished comic strips. I wonder how many of you have guessed which Shakespeare play we are going to be learning about? All will be revealed next week...

Verity has created a fantastic comic strip biography of William Shakespeare’s life. She has worked hard to include the success criteria as well as some excellent pictures. Well done Verity! 

Charlie has clearly done his research about William Shakespeare to create this informative comic strip biography. I also like his drawing of William Shakespeare! Well done! 

Megan has written an informative comic strip biography complete with excellent pictures. Well done Megan for this neat and detailed piece of work. 

Leon looks like he has enjoyed creating this comic strip with humorous takes on Shakespeare’s famous “To be or not to be?”

Ruby has created a very detailed comic strip biography of William Shakespeare’s life... 

...She has also taken care to draw some excellent pictures – well done Ruby! 

Xander has worked hard researching the life of William Shakespeare before producing this neat and detailed comic strip biography. Excellent work Xander!