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Forest Banner

On Monday (12th July), Jays were very lucky to spend the day working with Lizzie and Annie from Cinderford Art Space to create a banner, which will be paraded at some organised events in September and October.

The project, organised by Art Space and Wyldwood Arts,  started a couple of weeks ago, when the class worked with Liz Bell to bring together the things the children felt were important to them about Lydbrook and their surrounding area.  The children's designs were combined through discussions between Liz and the children to create a draft version on paper.

On Monday, Lizzie and Annie then helped the children to bring their designs to reality on a fabric banner.  The children used skills including drawing, cutting and shaping fabric, decorating fabric with paints and pens, sewing, stencilling and finger knitting (a class favourite) to bring the banner to life!

The parts for the banner have been placed by the children, pinned onto the main fabric and are going to be attached by the artists.   We will then get a photo of the final banner, which will be used by the children for the final parades.

We are very grateful for the support of all the adults involved, from Wyldwood Arts and Cinderford Art Space, and we are looking forward to seeing the final product!