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Our Classes

School Organisation

The number of pupils attending the school is currently 105.   We operate a 4 class system with a mixed age group in each class.   Some year groups are slpit to help keep class numbers to sensible sizes.  The decision on whether your child moves up tot he next class or stays for a second year with the same teacher is not taken lightly.   The decision is devised to enable your child to grow socially and intellectually at the pace most suited to their capbabilities at the time.   Often the dedision is based not just on academic ability but on their materuity and whether they are ready for the next step.   All children spend 2 years in the same classroom twice in their time with us.

Class names are as follows:-

Nursery - Robins

Class 1 - Owls

Class 2 - Magpies

Class 3 - Jays

Class 4 - Hawks


To find out more about each class choose a class to visit from the menu on the left.

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